Clackamus foliage

Longifolia, clackamus, busle foliage. Bell, wasp type of flowers. Other characteristics.

Clackamus foliage

Postby Valkiria » December 28th, 2011, 3:09 pm

Clackamus foliage - the lateral nerves of the leaves are parallel with the central nerve. Also called often "watermelon" type. When using in selection, it is considered a dominant character.

Fools Gold (5245) 04/09/1983 (C. Phillips) Single blue.Variegated medium green,pointed, clackamus. Semiminiature

Winnie The Pooh (L. Lyon) Single lilac star, darker fantasy. Clackamas foliage. Semiminiature

Nibble (S. Sorano) Double pink star. Medium green, clackamus. Miniature
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